Hand rolled cigarettes are those where the smoker takes rolling papers along with the tobacco of choice and rolls his own. Many assert that hand-rolled cigarettes are more advantageous and a better choice compared to commercially manufactured filter cigarettes. While smoking is harmful no matter what type of cigarette you smoke, hand rolled cigarettes have some benefits that can actually lead to a person reducing how much he smokes. Hand rolled cigarettes also provide another deterrent to the frequency that a person smokes because the tobacco used is stronger and it makes a person naturally smoke less often.

From a sheer enjoyment perspective, hand-rolled cigarettes allow the smoker to choose his favorite tobacco and in some cases even blend different tobacco in order to get just the right flavor. Those who roll their own smokes have even made comments that doing so provides opportunity to meet new people because the strangers take an interest as to what the roller is doing.

One of the advantages of hand-rolled cigarettes stems from an obvious disadvantage. The disadvantage is that it takes longer to roll your own cigarette which means that you probably will not smoke as often as you would with convenient pre-rolled cigarettes. For those trying to cut down on their smoking, this method is a suitable choice.

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