Natural Alternative

Tobacco used in rolling your own cigarettes is more natural. In other words, it hasn’t been tainted with the extensive list of chemicals that typically go into commercially manufactured cigarettes. These chemicals are added to the latter to enhance their ability to burn and to boost the flavor. While the smoke from burning tobacco is still hazardous to your health, it is not as dangerous as when these chemicals are added. Those who smoke hand-rolled cigarettes report that they do not have near the physical problems such as sore throat, coughing, and tightness of the chest as are typically the complaints from those who smoke commercially manufactured cigarettes.

Hand rolled cigarettes are also environmentally friendly. While many smokers like to throw their cigarette butts on the ground, some are considerate and do what is known in the smoker’s world as “field stripping” when finished. Field stripping involves twisting the filter until all the un-burnt tobacco falls to the ground and putting the used filter in your pocket until you find a waste receptacle. In other words, there is nothing you can do with the filter and it is not biodegradable. This is not the case with hand rolled cigarettes because what you throw away is totally biodegradable and there is no filter to save and discard later.

From a safety perspective, there is less risk of starting a fire because of an unattended hand rolled cigarette. Commercially manufactured cigarettes are treated with chemicals that make them burn consistently. With commercial cigarettes, if you light one then it will burn to the filter–even if left unattended. Many fires have started because of unattended cigarettes. This is not the case with hand-rolled cigarettes because you can actually put one down, let it stop burning, and finish it later if you like.

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